Custom Color Eyelash Lifter & Separator Tools

Brand New Eyelash Lifting & Separating Tool Ideal for Lash
Lifting / Perming Multi functional Tool can be used for attaching lashes/Perm / Separating / Straightening.


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Eyelash Lifting & Separating Tool: The Dorlon Beauty eyelash isolator is a great way to isolate the natural eyelashes while applying eyelash extensions.The eyelash isolator helps speed up the eyelash extension application process.  Use this isolator by applying eyelash extensions with a tweezer in one hand and isolating the natural eyelash with this tool in the other hand.Perfect tool for applying lashes to the silicone shields/rods when doing a perm treatment or lash lift, it helps you separate and lay the lashes with ease before applying the solutions.

Made In Pakistan

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Stainless Steel


Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White